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"An advance app enables to merge small sized PST files in many different ways"

  • Capable to merge both ANSI and Unicode version PST files
  • Allow to merge only required Outlook files
  • Perform merging data at fast speed
  • Assimilate PST files with top accuracy
  • Incorporate only inbox of PST files
  • Incorporate only contacts of PST files
  • Merge only targeted folder of PST
  • Assimilate data by creating new folder for each PST
  • Merge all contacts in the same folder
  • Optional option to remove duplicate
  • Save the merged data to user's decided location in the local computer
  • Work smoothly with Wins 10/8/7/XP/Vista

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Since then Unicode version has been released, it is possible to create a big sized PST files. You can stretch the file limit to 20 GB or more. If you are dealing with file clutter issue for your Outlook email client, merge the same subject file together to fix the problem. Instead of pursuing the task manually, you can take help of a third app. PST Merger is an advance third app to merge multiple small sized PST files together with top accuracy.

Remarkable Key Features of PST Merger


Merge Multiple PST Files Together

This program has been designed in the way that it has capacity to merge not just 2-3 but multiple PST files together. You just need to keep in mind that the merging will not make the file size oversized.


Merge Only Targeted Outlook Files

Whenever you launch the app, it needs your direction to perform the file incorporation. It needs you to select the required PST files that you want to assimilate. Thus, you get desirable results every time.


Merge Entire Data

To create a big sized PST file, you can merge entire PST data. The PST Merger merges all the folders of PST including Inbox, Outbox, Contacts, Calendars and other elements together to provide accurate data incorporation support.


Merge Only Desirable Folder

There are different options offered by the app to merge Outlook files. You can merge only contact, inbox and any desirable folder of PST that you wish. This is custom data merge support offered by the app.


Save the Resultants Strategically

The merge PST program saves the newly built PST file to the location that user's have selected. Users have freedom to save the resultants to any suitable local folders or sub-folders. A new folder can be created to save data.


Support Data Accuracy

The tool helps to merge PST with top accuracy. No data gets damaged or corrupted. The entire elements of mails are merged in one file including From, To, CC, BCC, Subject and Date. The tool provides full accuracy every time you use it.

Frequently Asked Question

The tool supports both versions data.
The utility only reads the file format instead of versions you have used to create a PST file.
The software only supports accessible Outlook files.
No it does not need install of MS Outlook.

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