EML to MBOX Converter

EML to MBOX Converter Expert

A significant tool for users looking to switch from EML to MBOX effortlessly

  • Designed to convert only EML files to MBOX
  • Export EML files in bulk
  • Retain conversion quality by retaining all the elements of mails
  • Export data entirely
  • Scan and convert only desirable EML files
  • Enable to migrate any sized EML files
  • Scans EML files saved in any email client including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage etc…
  • A purely Windows utility, capable to run smoothly on Wins 10/8/7/XP/Vista

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EML file extension supports multiple email clients of Windows, Linux and Mac. Like EML, MBOX also supports multiple email clients. But when it comes to access EML data to MBOX, it is must to convert EML to MBOX. Therefore, the EML to MBOX converter has been launched. It allows you to easily switch from EML to MBOX. The converter is lightweight and needs no external help to operate.

Key Attractive Features of EML to MBOX


A Purely EML to MBOX Converter

The sizing of the EML files doesn't matter. The converter exports EML files created in any email client such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage etc… It reads EML data and makes it ready for migration instantly.


Export Data in Bulk

Bulk migration is provided by the app where a number of EML files can be exported at once and create one big MBOX file. You can export one, two or more EML files together to find desirable conversion results.


Export Only Targeted Files

The control of export from EML2MBOX is entirely depended on users. The utility is capable to exports only targeted EML files. It could be any EML file of your choice. Make sure the EML file you are choosing for migration is accessible or is not corrupted.


Advanced File Filter Feature

It has 2 modes to filter out particular EML files. You can select EML files one by one or you can select a folder holding EML files. Both modes are safe to go with. The add folder tab is capable to select entire EML files of the targeted folder at once.


Save Results Locally

The output location of the newly created MBOX file is decided by the user. Manually set the location in any existed folder. You can create a new folder also to save the data. Thus, smart data management is encouraged by the app.


Simple to Operate

The tool doesn't need technical assistance to operate. There is one simple wizard which carries a few self-expressive tabs. Click them one by one to make conversion easily. No special third app is required to perform the task.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes you can but keep in mind that the selected EML files are accessible.
Yes, the utility reads EML files created in any email client.
It just needs Windows latest versions.
Yes, you can if you have saved these EML files in the Windows supportive laptop.



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