Datavare » Refund Policy

Our guidelines for Refund Policy are simple and straight. It has been created to make online shopping from us easy and secure. The prime aim of the policy is maintaining 100% client satisfaction. We understand that each client has authority to request for refund in case they are not satisfied with the product. We have set some rules keeping in mind the standard rules of refund policy. Please go through!

Here are important details that tell when we pay back:

  • The program you have purchased from us is not available in full version
  • The software installation process is not handled properly by our customer care executives
  • The full version is not performed as stated in the demo version or according to your product descriptions is not responsible for following things:

  • Your shopping has gone wrong (by mistake you have purchased a wrong product)
  • Email Misdirection (the email hasn't received or gone to a wrong recipient)
  • The activation period has expired
  • Delay due to any unforeseen uncontrolled factor
  • You have successfully completed the shopping of the software, now you don't want the software any longer
  • If the activation code email is sent to spam by your email client
  • You have made shopping accidently, you don't wish to buy
  • Once the program is downloaded completely, finding difficulties in operating
  • The purchased application is not according to your desire or is not well suitable for the work you are doing
  • Delay to provide the software due to weekend
  • Your PC is unable to run the software
  • Miss-interpretation by clients when they are getting technical assistance
  • The product is not running or damaged due to your fault (we check each and every returned product, if you notice the thing refund will not be made)
  • You have failed to return the ordered product at the right time (return policy works for 30 days)

Your Refund is not Considered or Invalid

The refund policy will not work for the client who have shopped any of our program without evaluating the FREE DEMO TRIAL

In case the purchased software works smoothly around 40% without any interruption, the refund policy will not be considered.

Feel free for Demo Trial

Every client is requested to try the demo version first which is 100% free. The free demo version lets you know about the tool performance and efficiency. It prevents you from purchasing a wrong program and the difficulty of returning backing the program.

Note: Upgrading can be considered but not downgrading. For example, by mistake you have made shopping of individual software, you can request to upgrade the version to commercial use.