Datavare Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is made to let you know that we follow all the rules and norms to keep your privacy intact….

We have a team of efficient and experienced developers, marketing experts and software engineers.

We would like to collect:

We gather information of browsers and clients who are registered with us. We collect their personal information like their name, email address, reviews and activities.

The Purpose behind Collecting Such Information:-

The purpose is very clear. We don't believe in hiding anything and want to maintain transparent relationship with clients.

  • Your reviews and browsing activities are carefully examined to know the need of users & how we make our presentation better and better
  • Get help in improving our website user friendly
  • Try to improve our consumer services
  • Clients who share their personal information like Email Address get free updates of us
  • Keep in touch with our clients from time to time

What do we do to keep your information intact?

We know that each client personal detail is precious. Providing privacy to their personal information is in our priority list for which we use high quality and authorized software.

Do we disclose your information?

We are ensured to not to disclose your personal information to anyone. But we can release your personal data like email address to our partners with an assurance that they will not misuse it. Advanced software and our trustworthy staff maintain your personal data.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies. It is used to understand our consumer's interest and behaviour. With just one click of a cookie, it will take you to another site. But these sites are not allowed to get our client's personal information.

Note: We send emails to clients that they can unsubscribe at any time. There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom with each email of us.

Third Party Links

Third party links are welcomed. We have set some rules and regulations for this. We request third parties to contact us to know more about it.

Our Authority

The privacy policy is made according to the standard rules. It can be changed without any notice. We have the authority to make changes in the policy.

If you have any further inquiry or any doubt you can clear it by contacting us