VCF File

VCF file extension is best known as vCard. It is a popular file extension that is a standard file format stored contact information for businesses and individuals in digital file format. A VCF file is capable to hold the entire properties of contacts including contact name, email id, address, phone number, images and other media content.

VCF files are commonly used on Mac and Windows operating systems. It allows users to access email client's data on iPhones, Blackberry and palm computers. Choose a reliable conversion program to export and import vCard data from Outlook and other email clients with less effort. It is an interchangeable file format.

In Windows, .vcf files are natively started in Windows Contacts program where on Mac, it starts in the Address Book application. One of the greatest characteristics of VCF is that it supports smart phones no matter their platforms.

A VCF file can be created and exported in multiple platforms including Windows Live Mail, Apple Address Book,, Gmail and Outlook. A vCard file is capable to store multiple contacts. It allows users to keep themselves always attended towards their important contacts.

If you are wondering to convert from vCard to Outlook or vCard to Apple Mail, or Apple Mail to vCard, it is essential to look for a reliable conversion program. Purchase a suitable license that fits to your needs.