Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is famous as WLM software. It is a freeware email client which means you don't pay to install the program. It has been offered at free of cost. The app is available to download via the Windows Essentials suite. The tool works smoothly with all major versions of Window including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, 10, XP and Vista.

The Windows Live Mail was released first on November 6, 2007. Microsoft has released many versions of WLM with improved features including Version 2009, 2011 and 2012. The latest release is Version 2012. The features of WLM are similar to Windows Mail and Outlook Express to a great extent.

To run WLM:

You should be Windows user

To work on WLM, the first step is to browse the software and add your email account to receive and send emails. Click “Accounts” which is flashing on the top of the window.

Select “Email” and add the email account information- email address, password and the name you would like recipients to see when they receive an email from you.

If you wish to make this email account as your default account, tick “Make this my default email account

Click on “Next”

In case you are providing your webmail account, it is important to enable some settings so that you will be capable to access your emails through WLM.

If you have chosen a Gmail account, visit the Gmail site to activate the setting as per the instructions. IMAP setting is required here.

That's it. These are a few simple steps that connect your webmail account to WLM and allow you to manage your emails systematically.

It is easy to operate Windows Live Mail. It searches messages across multiple email accounts in a few seconds. Drag, drop and organize your mail with just a click. Provide preview of messages to keep you updated with you. keep your email accounts away from harmful phishing scams. It manages your contacts, appointments and calendars. Mail filter feature is incredible to access your desired emails within just a few seconds. The tool is valuable for both individual and professional purpose. There are millions of users of WLM who like to use the program to manage their email account.