Thunderbird Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The initial release was some 12 years ago which got outstanding response with more than 500,000 downloads in the first 3 days. On July 2012, the Mozilla Foundation dropped the priority of Thunderbird development because extended features seem fruitless. In 2015, the company announced to provide a temporary legal help and financial home for the Thunderbird project. Even after lots of controversy on the development of the email client, it is still very popular. The software is available in 53 languages choose your favourite language to manage your mails. It is more than a simple email client. It is a newsgroup, news feed and chat client. It is capable to maintain multiple news feed accounts and multiple emails.

Cross Platform Support

Mozilla Thunderbird supports- Linux, Windows and OS X operating systems.

Personalize Email Addresses

Ever you dreamed to personal your email address for yourself or business? Thunderbird allows you to achieve this. It allows you to sign up a new email address within Thunderbird.

Easy Access to Address Books

Just one click to add people to your address book! Click on the star icon flashing with the message you have received. Add the name. If you want to add more details like birthday, photo and other contact information, double click to add extra information.

Attachment Reminder

The feature keeps you remind about adding an attachment while you are going to send an email. Before you hit send button the Add Attachment button flashes. This feature helps you maintain your professional image.

Exceptional Chatting Feature

Get real-time conversion facility as the email client supports multiple networks. Quick search is supported through received mails and past conversation.

Web Search

Without leaving Thunderbird, users can make search on the web. In the search menu, type the keyword and choose your favourite search provider to establish your search.

Filter Support

Thunderbird has a “Quick Filter” bar which allows you to filter emails at fast speed. In the window of Quick Filter type words to find out a particular file. You can also filter emails with tags, new messages and people in your address book.

Active Manager

The feature gives Thunderbird more professional look. It maintains records of all the interactions between your email provider and Thunderbird. Here you do your work without any guess.


To make Thunderbird incredible, users can use add-ons. See the rating, read the review and key features of an add-on before installing it.

Thunderbird supports MBOX and EML file formats that allow users to easily switch to other email clients like Apple Mail, WLM, Entourage etc… supported by these file extensions.