How to Run Your Outlook in Safe Mode?

Safe mode is associated with Windows system or the software associated with Windows. It is present in MS Outlook. The mode allows users to get automatic recovery of errors that develop during start up process. These errors could be damages in the registry settings or add-in.

Sometimes, it has been noticed that the MS Outlook application prompts users to open the app in safe mode with a message that Outlook failed to start in least session. Starting in the safe mode will separate you from the issues that can cause error to start Outlook normally. The message is developed and sent from the Outlook itself. Users have options to either click on Yes or No tab. The message is appeared to avoid the problem that was detected in the last Outlook session. Starting your Outlook in the safe mode will help you detect the troubles in the Outlook.

Methods to Start Outlook in Safe Mode

There are different methods for different versions of Window OS to start Outlook in safe mode.

Start Outlook .exe

  • Users who are using Windows 7 or Vista, will visit “Start” option
  • Type “cmd” and press Enter that will start a Command Prompt
  • Write “Outlook.exe /safe” and then press Enter
  • MS Outlook will automatically start in safe mode
  • For Windows 8 users, they just need to type “outlook.exe /safe” in the “Start” screen and then “Enter” button

Using CTRL Key

Holding the CTRL key click Outlook shortcut kit! The procedure will help you detecting that you wish to start your Outlook in safe mode. The same message will appear, click “Yes” to start in the safe mode.

Navigate Outlook.exe Directly

If you are unable to detect Outlook.exe through ‘Start’ screen, navigate directly this by visiting C:\program files\MS Office\Office.

If you want to keep yourself away from the hassle of starting your Outlook in safe mode, it is good to create a shortcut which is created manually. For this, it is must to know the location of outlook.exe.